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Babies grow quickly… And so do their wardrobes!

As warmer days approach, Mr. Baby needs a lighter vest, preferably one that opens at the front. The previous one, although gorgeous, has proved less comfortable when putting on and pulling off, so from now on I’ll knit baby clothes with buttons – believe me, the effort is worth it. After all, babies’ ears are made to be cherished and not ripped off by tight necklines.

So, here is the vest! I made it with some cotton rests I had in the “leftovers” section of my stash. Leftovers are the perfect material for baby clothes and I already see a number of destashing possibilities! But enough words, it’s the pictures everybody wants, right? Here you go!


As you can see, there are only two snap buttons – just enough to keep the vest closed (and for me not to curse my head off while sewing them on).


I used a very simple pattern: a bit of slipped stitches, a bit of ribbing… The most interesting detail are the shoulders: as you can see below, I used an i-cord to join the front and the back parts, leaving a gap so as to form a hole – it’s a summer vest, so why not?

P1130033miniAnd if you ask me how on earth the idea came to me… Well, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell! It just happened… Like most of my improvised garments, this vest has developed the way it wanted!

And now – excuse me – the owner of the vest needs my attention! RIGHT NOW!


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