Week 13: Selvedges

w13This week we’re going to explore selvedge (or selvage if you prefer) stitches. The reason of this choice is simple: I’m back to designing and I need the best, neatest and most pick-up-and-knit-friendly selvedge ever!

Speaking about design… I know I never really stopped “improvising” baby clothes but this time I’m up to something big, as big as half a sweater, adult size! I’ve already knitted a swatch – which is rare – and I’ve totally enjoyed it – which is even more rare! My hands are itching to start knitting but before I cast on, I need to persuade my baby boy to fall asleep so I can do my math… Wish me luck!

Yes I know I’m hopelessly late… But not with my knitting! I have cast on an intimidating total of 366 stitches and my big mysterious project is moving on!

All right, now to selvedges: instead of repeating what others have written, I give you a link to a very good post from tessknits.com: here you go!

As to my question (which selvedge will suit me better), the answer is – none! That is, no selvedge, both the first and the last stitches should be worked in the main pattern (reverse stockinette) – this will provide me with a denser edge without bumps – just what I need!

Hope you enjoy your knitting as I do!


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