Week 11: Double rolled and shagged knitting (and thrumming)

w11With -12 Celsius last night, one is more likely to think about toasty mittens rather than sleeveless tanks… Hence this week’s topic! Both double rolling and shagging are used to create a lining adding an extra layer of warmth to socks, mittens etc. The first technique uses an additional thread (roving is the best choice but I think any bulky single-spun yarn will do) and the padded lining is created while knitting. The second is worked in two steps: first an item is knitted in a specific kind of ribbing to prepare the base for shagging and then a padding is added with the help of a sewing needle.

Here’s a picture of a double rolled mitten:

And here is what the inside of a shagged sole sock looks like:

Image source: Dawn Brocco via http://www.craftsy.com

You can find the directions for double-rolled knitting here and here (pp 36-45) and there’s a description of a sewn shag on p. 46 of the same book. The source for both is Favorite Mittens: Best Traditional Mitten Patterns from Fox & Geese & Fences by Robin Hansen. This part of the book is published on Google Books and is accessible to everyone so there’s no copyright breaking involved.

And while we are talking about warmth, there’s one more technique that can provide a similar result – thrumming. Here’s a thrummed mitten:

And here is a tutorial (based on the same book as I can see).

Now you have no excuse for having cold hands or feet!

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