Week 10: Loop Stitch

w10Let’s continue with fun stitches! If any, loop stitch (or fur stitch) definitely falls into this category. I know few people who would wear a “furry” hat or pullover but a loopy cosy, a rug or a toy look like a perfect project for this stitch. And hey, isn’t it just fun?

Image source: stitchywitches.blogspot.com

You won’t believe it but I actually began doing my homework today!

Here is how you knit the loop stitch:


(Sorry, the video seems unwilling to appear in the post, just click the link…)

I’m not sure if one can cut the loops like in the picture above and not cause an irreparable damage to the knit work… Personally, I wouldn’t dare. But then, I’d never dare to cut steeks either…

Homework! I cheated and made a very small loopy patch – but even at such a small scale it gives you an idea of how a bigger piece would look.


Yes I know the picture is flipped onto its side!

My verdict: it’s a fun stitch and once you get the hang of it, it knits very quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve  found it to be somewhat unstable. If you pull the knitwork vigorously in all the directions the stitches that are supposed to secure the loops get loose – at least this is my own experience.

If you are not afraid of ending up with a herd of runaway loops, here’s a vintage pattern for you: a tea cosy from knitting-and.com

Good knitting and see you next week!

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