Week 9: Bobbles!

w9I admit I haven’t had much time to work on this week’s challenge – in spite of living with knitting needles in my hands! In fact, I found myself speed knitting all kinds of baby clothes for my oh-so-quickly growing boy!

Well, let’s say that the cat ate my homework once again…

So, what about bobbles? For those who don’t know what a bobble looks like, here’s a picture:

See those funny balls? – that’s them!

Here is a picture tutorial showing you how to knit bobbles, “popcorns” and nupps – all in one!

And here is another clever tutorial explaining how to make bobbles of a contrasting colour – I’m so going to try this one! (that is, when I’ve finished what I’m knitting now…). Here’s the picture from the tutorial – small but cute!

And here are a couple of free patterns featuring bobbles: a vintage Bobble Stitch Jumper from http://zilredloh.com, a girl’s cardigan from http://www.allaboutyou.com and the Cables and Bobbles Throw from http://www.redheart.com. Enjoy!

P.S. Now this is what I call mind reading! Look what has popped up on the Purl Bee blog today: a Bobble Sheep pillow!

P.P.S. I did my homework! Better late than never, right?


My verdict: use a crochet hook for the final “knit all together” – it’ll make your life so much easier!


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