Week 5: Smock-smock!

w5I’m still busy playing with entrelac so this week’s challenge will be an easy one (at least, I think so): I’ll learn to smock a knitted fabric. In spite of its simplicity, I have never tried this technique before, so it still counts as a challenge! Besides, it reminds me of the dresses that hung in my Granny’s wardrobe – a dress maker, in her young days Granny was riding on the crest of the fashion wave!

Smocking can be performed in two ways: smock as you go or knit your piece first and then smock-smock-smock! I’ll try both and tell you everything about it!

Here’s an example of how smocking can change the look of a simple ribbed sweater: stunning, isn’t it?

All right, let’s have a smock! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

As I have said, you can create a smocked surface either while knitting, or afterwards. Knitting first and smocking next might speed up the process (at least, its first half) but to me, smocking as you go seems to be more efficient. This can be done in two ways: by wrapping the yarn around a group of stitches or by pulling out an additional loop and placing it across a group of stitches. After reading the explications, I’m more inclined to try the loop method which seems to be less fiddly – and I like simple solutions!

Check this picture tutorial from the Creative Knitting Magazine to see all the methods.

This video tutorial by AudKnits shows you the loop method:

And this lovely picture tutorial from My Knitted Heart explains the wrap method in detail and style!

Image source: myknittedheart.blogspot.com

All you have to do now is choose your method and start smocking!

And here is my homework! I used the loop method.


My verdict: it’s just great! From now on, I’m a convinced smocker! As I’ve already said, I like simple solutions and the smock stitch is definitely one of them. I can see very tempting design perspectives… But shhh!

And now – your free pattern link: the lovely Smock Top Sweater from AudKnits! Yes, the very same sweater you see at the top of this post!

Good knitting!

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