“Swatch Vest”

Swatching might be fun but knitting is a hundred times better! As someone who doesn’t like to waste time and yarn, I decided to put my new knitting skills to work at once and made this little vest for my baby boy.


swatch vest

As you can see, there’s (bottom to top) a braided cast on, a two) colour ribbing, a Latvian braid, a bit of simple colourwork, more Latvian braids and colourwork, a patch of horizontal herringbone and an applied two-colour i-cord. Besides, I have knitted the top part of the back using a completely new technique: knitting from right to left and then from left to right, with the right side always facing. I’m not sure I could do it with a more complicated colour pattern but it’s a great way to avoid steeks.

swatch vest-back

And here’s Teddy kindly demonstrating the vest while the baby is sleeping!


Good knitting everyone!

2 thoughts on ““Swatch Vest”

    • klionik says:

      Thank you!
      As for the pattern, it’s all in the picture. I cast on 100 sts with a sport weight yarn (Idéal by Bergère de France) and 3mm needles for the size of 3 months. I decreased 8 sts on each side for the armholes (-2 sts each RS row), cast off about 30 sts for the neck, then 6 more on each side. The only tricky part is the top Latvian braid: I actually picked up the stitches for the herringbone, leaving the green and yellow stitches that run all across the front on a piece of scrap yarn at the front of the knitting; when the front and the back were finished, I placed those sts back onto the needle, picked up the sts along the armhole and the neckline on the back of the vest (which make a full circle), knitted a braid on all these sts and cast off (if you look closer you’ll see that the top braid looks a bit different from the other two – this is because of the cast off row). Then I picked the sts along the armholes and the neckline on the front of the west and knitted an attached i-cord. And I used a 4mm needle for the herringbone part because this stitch is much tighter than stockinette.
      I hope this makes any sense… I might make a more detailed post one day if I manage to sit down and do the math…

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