Week 3: Herringbone stitch

w3 Herringbone is the name of two distinct stitches: the first is also known as horizontal herringbone and the second – as transversal herringbone. Both provide a dense, reversible fabric with a woven effect.

Here is an example of the horizontal herringbone. I have wanted to try this stitch since I first saw it!

… and here is a picture of the transversal herringbone:

Horizontal herringbone stitch

This stitch can be worked both flat and in the round. One repeat consists of two rows. As a result, you have a characteristic herringbone pattern on the right side and something that looks like a twisted herringbone on the wrong side (not bad at all but not as spectacular as the right side).

– herringbone worked flat:

– herringbone worked in the round (attention! this video begins with a somewhat loud music!):

My verdict: personally, I find this stitch very addictive: it’s one of the cases when you wish the ball of yarn would last forever… The only drawback is that you do the double amount of work as every stitch is actually knitted twice. The good news is, you can (and I’d even say you should) use a bigger needle size unless you want your fabric to be very dense.

My homework!



And here are two great free patterns using this stitch (both from the Purl Bee): Big Herringbone Cowl (with a picture tutorial) and Men’s Mini Herringbone Scarf.


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