Challenge 2013 – Setting the goals

This must be because of the “Upgrade to Pro” button I see at the top of the screen every time I log into my blog… I must have watched it long enough to realize it’s exactly what I need to do – upgrade myself to a pro. Me, a professional knitwear designer – hey, why not? (And Brutus says she was ambitious… Well, I guess she was!) So let’s call it a long-term goal and begin with something more tangible, like raising my knitting skills one notch higher.

So, by the end of 2013 I want to:

* learn 52 new knitting techniques – one per week *

* develop a set of sizing charts or some other tool that will calculate my stitches for me *

* fill a sketchbook or two with pattern ideas*

* design and knit at least one big piece of clothing *

* learn to love swatching – this is the toughest one! *


All right, here we go!






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