DIY cable needles

Now, here you are, eager to knit those beautiful arans right now, but where the heck is that cable needle? (Oops, you lost it again!)

Here is a quick and inexpensive solution!

You will probably find everything you need at home:

  • a pack of wooden barbecue sticks (mine were 30cm long and about 3mm in diameter)
  • a cutter knife
  • a cheap nail file (ideally – with different grit sizes) or sandpaper
  • a pencil sharpener
  • – water resistant deco varnish (optional)

Take a close look at the barbecue sticks, choose the smoothest and straightest ones – this will save you a lot of effort and protect your fingers from splinters. You will need only one stick to make two cable needles but you can also use up the whole pack!

  1. Cut a stick in the middle with a paper cutter.
  2. Sharpen the blunt ends with a pencil sharpener.
  3. Polish the ends, starting with a coarse grit and ending with the finest one. Round the tips.

At this point the needle is ready to use! But if you like to do things properly…

  1. Polish the whole needle with the finest grit sandpaper you can find (I used Nr 1000 sandpaper – ultra fine).
  2. Paint the needles with coloured water resistant varnish, let dry for a couple of minutes, then cover with a layer of transparent varnish (I used Decorlack by Marabu). Leave to dry overnight.
  3. Polish the needles with ultra fine grit sandpaper until perfectly smooth.



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