Knotting Noodles moves to WordPress!

Welcome to my knitting blog’s new home!

You shall find here all my knitting patterns as well as knitting-related articles, pictures, yarn and pattern reviews…

Happy knitting!

Iryna Klionava

2 thoughts on “Knotting Noodles moves to WordPress!

  1. Cindy Hause says:

    Hi Iryna…your work is beautiful. I am attempting your Ume Hat & Gloves pattern and I need HELP I am using a dk yarn & #5 dpn needles. Am I correct that in hat pattern, after Rnd 1 I should have 19 stitches, after Rnd 2 – 28 stitches? Refere to Rnd 3 – the “pl, pltbl,” is both the p1 and p1tbl done in the same stitch? I was so excited about this hat and gloves because I was going to make it for my new beautiful daughter-in-law but have spent the whole weekend starting over and over on the hat that I am about to give up. Do you have available the number of stitches there should be in each row? Think that would help me considerably. Thanks for any help you can give me on this. I hate to disappoint my daughter-in-law.

    • klionik says:

      Hey Cindy!
      The cast on is 10 sts, in the first round you double that number (=20 sts), don’t forget to do a yarn over (or forward – as you wish to call it) after the last stitch – this must be the one you’ve missed. In the second round you make a yarn over ten times, that leaves you with 30 sts. I think once you’ve found the “forgotten” yarn over, you’ll have the right count.
      And congrats to your new daughter-in-law!

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