How about sewing?

I wish I could sew at least half as well as I knit. Imagine how many nice and useful knitting accessories I could make! Unfortunately, when it comes to sewing the crafter in me begins to shake and shrink to finally disappear with a big “Puff!”

I think, the wrong thing about sewing is that you only do it once. No ripping! Sew or die! Well, not actually die but crawl back in shame, which is not much better. When I want to challenge myself, I pick an easy project and try to get all through it. Sometimes it works! Like today…

I want to share with you a very nice (and very useful!) sewing project: The Twenty Minute Tote by the Purl Bee. I’ve made four totes to keep my knitting projects away from dust, cat hair and the sofa in our living-room and I think they are just wonderful! And don’t tell me the seams are not quite straight! 

I have made the seams invisible by stitchnig on the wrong side and then on the right side, hiding the cut edges inside the seam.
Now it’s time to fill my brand new totes with knitting projects!
Good knitting to everyone!

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