An eye-catching hat with a stylish stranded band
designed to keep your ears warm this winter!
Size: will fit head circumference of 56cm. For a larger/smaller size, consider changing yarn and/or needles.
Yarn: SOKA sock yarn, fingering/4 ply/14wpi, 50g=150m, 3 skeins. Colours A (yellow), B (light gray), C (dark gray). You can use a different yarn for the lining, in this case you’ll need 1 skein of A, half a skein of both B and C and 1 skein for the lining.
You will need:
  • 60 cm circular needles, metric size 3mm and/or
  • 4 double-pointed needles, metric size 3mm
  • Tapestry needle or crochet hook
Gauge: 10cm = 26sts (in stockinette stitch on 3mm needles)
st – stitch
R, rnd – round
k – knit
k2tog – knit two stitches together
k3tog – knit three stitches together
yo – yarn over
SKP – slip, knit, pull: slip 1 stitch onto the right needle as to knit, knit the following stitch, pull the second stitch through the first one
The hat has two layers for extra warmth and is knitted in the round on circular and/or double-pointed needles.
  • Manage yarn tails as soon as they appear: you won’t be able to do this once the hat is ready.
  • The outer hat should fit somewhat loosely: you’ll need some space for the lining.
  • While making the lining knit tighter: the lining will come out a little smaller and thus, fit better inside the outer hat.
  • When the number of stitches gets smaller, switch to double-pointed needles for more comfort.
With scrap yarn, cast on 144 sts (use the cast-on method that allows to unwind yarn easily). Join Colour A.
  • K 6R in A
  • *k2tog, yo*, repeat around
Knit following the chart (R1-26).

The rest of the pattern is knitted in Colour A.
R27-32: k all (6 rnds)
R33: k10, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k19*, k9
R34-39: k all (6 rnds)
R40: k9, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k17*, k8
R41-45: k all (5 rnds)
R46: k8, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k15*, k7
R47-50: k all (4 rnds)
R51: k7, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k13*, k6
R52-54: k all (3 rnds)
R55: k6, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k11*, k5
R56-57: k all (2 rnds)
R58: k5, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k9*, k4

R59: k all
R60: k4, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k7*, k3
R61: k all
R62: k3, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k5*, k2
R63: k all
R64: k2, *k2tog, k1, SKP, k3*, k1
R65: k all
R66: *k1, k2tog, k1, SKP* (24 sts left)
R67: k all
R68: *k1, k3tog* (12 sts left)
R69: k all
Cut yarn leaving a 30cm tail, pull it through the remaining stitches and fasten off.
Now it’s time to take care of the lining. Unweave the scrap yarn and pick up the open stitches. The inner hat is exactly the same as the outer, only without the stranded pattern. You have already worked 6 rounds of the inner hat after casting on, so continue knitting from R7 and until you reach R33, then make decreases following the pattern.
Wash the hat (according to the instructions on your yarn) to allow the stranded part lie smoothly.
Wear with pleasure and stay visible! 

Creative Commons License
Pedestrian (knitted hat) by Iryna Klionava is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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10 thoughts on “Pedestrian

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a nice looking hat! 'Pedestrian' – I like the name you chose & your colors too. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern (:

      • Kla18252 says:

        Question-I have had no problem up to row 33. The pattern came out lovely in my home spun yarn. At the end of row 33 it says to k9 but I have 10 stitches not 9 before the end of the row. Could this be an era in the pattern?

    • Anonymous says:

      Question I’m on row 33 and up until this point have had no problems. At the end of row 33 it says to k9 but I have 10 Stitches left not 9. Is this a pattern era? Because my pattern (based on the chart) worked out perfectly. I have checked my work and have not miss counted any of the instructions in row 33. Now sure if 1 stitch will make much of a difference.

      • klionik says:

        Hi! Have you done the decreases? As you might have noticed, the decreases for the crown begin on row 33, you have probably missed one.
        One phantom stitch will not change much, just k2tog somewhere in the row to get rid of it )))

  2. kla18252 says:

    Hi the hat is coming out lovely but I’m wondering since I did it in wool and I’m a very tight knitting do I have to do a lining? I was thinking I could just fold in after the first 6 rows where the picot stitch is? Would this work?

    • klionik says:

      The lining is for extra warmth, you can drop it completely if you wish. Folding as you propose will certainly work but it will result in a somewhat thicker edge: if it looks OK, stick to it! If it looks kind of funny, consider knitting the lining (or sew in a fleece lining or an old hat…).

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