Green Grocery Bag

Green Grocery bag

 Yarn: Ambre by Cheval Blanc, fingering weight – 2 skeins of 50 g (= 300m). Use a strong and easy-to-wash yarn, like cotton or bamboo.

You will need:

Circular needles (or a set of double-pointed needles): UK size 9.5, US size 4, metric size – 3.5 mm.
2 double-pointed needles: UK size 9.5, US size 4, metric size – 3.5 mm.
2 stitch markers
crochet hook

tapestry needle Gauge: 10X10 cm = 25 sts X 32 rows in stockinette stitch. Abbreviations:

sts – stitches
R – round
rep from * around – repeat the part between the asterisks until the end of the round.
k – knit
k tbl – knit through the back loop of the stitch.
yo – yarn over: wrap yarn around the right needle clockwise.

SKP – Slip, Knit, Pull: slip 1 stitch to the right needle as to knit, knit the following stitch, pull the 2nd stitch through the 1st.The bag is knitted in the round.Cast on 100 sts.

R1-2: k all. Place a marker before the 1st and the 51st sts.

R3: yo, k1, yo, k49, yo, k1, yo, k49.
R4: k all.
R5: yo, k1, yo, k51, yo, k1, yo, k51.
R6: k all.
R7: yo, k1, yo, k53, yo, k1, yo, k53.
R8: k all.
R9: yo, k1, yo, k55, yo, k1, yo, k55.
R10: k all.
R11: yo, k1, yo, k57, yo, k1, yo, k57.
R12-15: k all (= 120 sts).
R16 (R1 of Lace pattern): remove the stitch marker from the needle and clasp it directly onto the first stitch – it will serve as a starting point; then begin the Lace pattern.
You will not need the second stitch marker from now on. 
Lace pattern:
the Lace pattern is based on 6 sts. (For a bigger bag add 6 sts as many times as you wish.) 
R1: k1, * k2tog, 2yo, SKP, k2 *, rep from * around. The last repeat will be incomplete – it’s OK. Just go on.
R2: k2, k1 tbl, * k5, k1 tbl *, rep from * around (this round ends 2 sts before the marker).
R3: * k2tog, 2yo, SKP, k2 *, rep from * around (this round ends 2 sts before the marker).
R4: k2, k1 tbl, * k5, k1 tbl*, rep from * around. The last repeat will be incomplete – it’s OK. Just go on. This round ends at the marker.
Repeat Lace pattern 21 times + R 1 and 2. (For a bigger bag, add more repeats.)
Knit 10 rounds in stockinette stitch (k all).
Repeat R 1 and 2 of the Lace pattern.
Knit 8 rounds in stockinette stitch. Bind off. 
Fold the upper part so that the lace row forms the edge, then sew the folded part to the inner side of the bag. Use strong thread and stitch often, for the strength of the bag will largely depend on this seam.
Using a strong thread, sew tightly the bottom of the bag. You can use the mattress stitch (seam on the right side) or any other enduring stitch (seam on the inner side). Use a crochet hook to weave in all ends.
Make a handle strap: using 2 double-pointed needles, cast 6 sts and knit an i-cord. If you want the handles to be thicker, cast on 8 sts. If you want to carry the bag on your shoulder, the cord should be at least twice as long as the circumference of the bag. You can use a ready-made cord. Pull the cord through the holes in the edge of the bag, leaving out the three holes on the front and the back of the bag – this will form the handles. Knot very tightly the two ends of the cord.

Your brand new eco-bag is ready!

Creative Commons License
Green Grocery Eco-Bag by Iryna Klionava is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium License.

10 thoughts on “Green Grocery Bag

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a problem with this pattern – the numbers don't add up. For example, in R1 of the lace pattern, you start with 120 stitches and K1, leaving 119 stitches. 119 is not divisible by 6! There are problems with other rows as well. DO NOT TRY THIS PATTERN UNTIL IT IS CORRECTED!

  2. klionik says:

    Anonymous, I've proof-knitted this bag twice and it has worked both times.The first knit stitch is part of the pattern, it is actually the LAST stitch of the round (which means it's included into the last pattern repeat). If you feel uncomfortable about it, start directly with the lace pattern repeat.

  3. Rosemary Englert says:

    The green shopping bag is an old one but a goodie. My Great Auntie my Mum some in the 1940s

  4. sunnypickles57 says:

    I’m a little foggy on the pattern instructions. When you complete a round and you haven’t completed the pattern, do you stop at the last completion and start the next round there, or stop wherever the rounds ends, like in the middle of a pattern?;

    • klionik says:

      I’m so sorry it took me some time to get to it… On R1 of the lace pattern the last repeat will be incomplete (but you should go on knitting until you reach the marker). On R2 and R3 the last complete repeat will end 2sts before the marker and the next round will begin immediately after this complete repeat. On R4, like on R1, you should knit until you arrive to the marker – the last repeat will be incomplete. I understand it’s a bit complicated but the lace pattern needs a 2sts shift – hence all this jumping forwards and backwards…

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